G&P Armory/GPNVGs Warranty Information

New Night Vision devices assembled by G&P Armory/GPNVGs will carry a two-year warranty on the Image Intensifier tube(s) & 5-year warranty on the housing from the original date of purchase. Our warranty does not cover your typical normal wear and tear on the device or damage from use. If a defect covered by our warranty occurs during the applicable time period stated above, G&P Armory/GPNVGs, at its discretion, will repair or replace the product. G&P Armory/GPNVGs also offers a lifetime service on our assembled Night Vision devices. Customers can send us their Night Vision devices for re-purging, o-ring replacements, and cleaning. Our company shall do repairs of our made Night Vision devices and not remedied through another source/company.

Housing from companies such as Low Light Innovations & Nocturn Industries LLC include a LIFETIME no questions asked warranty on their housing.

Our warranty for our assembled devices does NOT cover the following:

Obvious negligence
Devices used in any abnormal manner
Abuse of the product
Items that underwent alterations or modifications without written consent from G&P Armory/GPNVGs
Items repaired by anyone/any other company other than G&P Armory/GPNVGs
Light burns, laser burns, or overexposure (Example: Device being left on and owner not being present)
Optics breaking from dropping the device or any other impacts (Objective assembly or Eyepiece Assembly)

Finished Goods: Our warranty for assembled devices does not include "finished goods." Finished goods are subject to their warranty through the original manufacturer. It is the customer's responsibility to know the warranty will go through the original manufacturer. (Example: Any L3 PVS-31As are subject to go through the warranty process with L3/Insight)

The customers must understand that night vision can be damaged from high light exposure, lasers, and daytime use. We do NOT warranty any light damage to the Image Intensifier Tube. G&P Armory/GPNVGs recommends storing any Night Vision device WITHOUT batteries installed to avoid any unintentional high light damage and battery corrosion. It is the customer's responsibility to understand the capabilities of Night Vision to prevent damage to their image intensifier tube.

Warranty claims falling outside the scope of these written warranty terms may incur repair, labor, and shipping fees charged to the customer.