Our G&P units come with a hard case, covers, data sheet(s). Our warranty covers the following, 2 years on the Image Intensifier, 5 years on housing (unless specified). All units are collimated, and infinity focus set on a Ts-3895 aviation night vision test set and purged with an aviation specialties unlimited nitrogen purge kit.

Take note: Any differences noticed in tube color shown in the pictures are a result of our camera auto-balance. All of our units’ tubes are matching color in person. Housing and glass pictured were taken for stock photos and may not be your actual unit. All pictures through the tube(s) will be the unit selected.

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Jerry-31 binocular night vision goggle uses super Gen2 low light tubes. These are the most affordable white phosphor night vision goggle on the market. It is packed full of features including manual gain, IPD stops, independent tube power on/off, IP67 and weighs only 470 grams / ~16 ounces.

Minimum FOM: 1400
Minimum Resolution: 64
Minimum SNR: 22

The Jerry 31 offers reliable and superior performance while still maintaining a compact size and ultra-lightweight design. The Jerry 31 has manual gain so the user can adjust the brightness to their preferred level. The unit has built in self-protection from bright lights. The Jerry 31 has built in IPD stops and an IR Illuminator. Each pod individually turns on and off based on the articulation. The Jerry 31 has a built-in dovetail that is ready to be mounted on a G24.

Optional Jerry 31 battery pack extends battery life to 75+ hours.

Jerry 31 come with a two-year housing and one year tube warranty.

Package contains:

High quality rubber lens covers.
Soft carry/storage case
COTI Attachment Bracket
Data Sheet
Extra screws

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