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Our G&P units come with a hard case, covers, data sheet(s). Our warranty covers the following, 2 years on the Image Intensifier, 5 years on housing (unless specified). All units are collimated, and infinity focus set on a Ts-3895 aviation night vision test set and purged with an aviation specialties unlimited nitrogen purge kit.

Take note: Any differences noticed in tube color shown in the pictures are a result of our camera auto-balance. All of our units’ tubes are matching color in person. Housing and glass pictured were taken for stock photos and may not be your actual unit. All pictures through the tube(s) will be the unit selected.

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Minimum SNR: 22.0

Minimum Resolution: 64

Featuring similar controls and mounting footprint to Milspec PVS-14s, the Jerry-14 comes with a full-metal, skeletonized, dovetail J-arm that comes ready to mount onto any standard NVG mount, such as the Wilcox G24.

Controls are simple – to turn on the device, rotate the main dial until it clicks, then simply continue turning to increase gain. To decrease gain, turn the knob counterclockwise. To turn on the IR illuminator, double tap the knob.


As a bonus, the Jerry-14 comes out of the box with an integrated JerryC COTI mounting bracket.

-Material: Polymer
-Tube Type: 18mm manual gain
-Figure of Merit (FOM) SNR x LP/mm NNVT4 1400-1600FOM
-Weight: 250 grams
-Power Supply: AA onboard
-Runtime: 40+ hours
-Lenses InfiRay low profile lenses
-Field of View: 40º
-Diopter: Adjustable +2 to -6
-Submersion and Dust Rating: Up to 20 metres
-Mount Style: Dovetail with included J-arm
-Onboard IR Illuminator: Yes 5mW

Package includes

Jerry-14 night vision monocular
Aluminum skeletonized dovetail J-arm
Padded carry case with strap
Unique intensifier spec sheet
Eyecup and eye protection bumpers
Product manual

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