Argus BNVD 1431 MKII – L3 Filmess White Phosphor 18UM


Our G&P units come with a hard case, covers, data sheet(s). Our warranty covers the following, 2 years on the Image Intensifier, 5 years on housing (unless specified). All units are collimated, and infinity focus set on a Ts-3895 aviation night vision test set and purged with an aviation specialties unlimited nitrogen purge kit.

Take note: Any differences noticed in tube color shown in the pictures are a result of our camera auto-balance. All of our units’ tubes are matching color in person. Housing and glass pictured were taken for stock photos and may not be your actual unit. All pictures through the tube(s) will be the unit selected.

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On-board illuminator
Improved dovetail interface for a stronger, more durable lock-up
Recontoured, skeletonized pods design to reduce bulk and increase rigidity
Upgraded material composition for optimized strength-to-weight ratio
Revised electronics for increased reliability in all conditions
Articulating eye pods with programmable auto power off/on
AA Battery Compartment
Fischer port for use with external battery pack
The BNVD 1431 uses PVS-14 optics that provide an affordable and serviceable platform.
The 1431 MKII has excellent build quality while minimizing weight at just under 600g for the fully built system including AA battery.

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